Make business with your music

Everyone knows, that music is a great tool for making money – there is plenty of ways to do it. In this article, we’d like to give you some simple ideas on how you can make money with your tracks.

Youtube stars make millions

There are people, who earn a lot with a help of Youtube. Psy with his ‘Gangnam style’ is the best example for them. All you need is a good song, music, and a fancy video, in order to get millions (or even billions) of views. Then money comes.

Sell your tracks on iTunes

If you are not fond of filming, there is another way to monetize your talent. Many young musicians use popular smartphone stores, like iTunes or Google Play, in order to sell their tracks directly to the fans. However, this way of monetization is more effective, if you are famous a little. In order to get some success in this business, you should probably start playing music for free.

Run campaign for crowdfunding

As an alternative for the beginning talented artists, who don’t want to sell all the rights for their songs to some labels, the crowdfunding appears. It’s a nice way for anyone to get some cash for realizing their plans. Many young artists run their campaigns on IndieGoGo or KickStarter, gathering money for their art. Sometimes these campaigns may be even more successful, than a simple try to sell your tracks.

The best solution for people, who play music, is, probably, a combination of the mentioned ways. So, try them all – and the money will come.

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