Get any MP3 from YouTube

Everyone knows YouTube. It’s a great service for millions of people, who are watching and posting different videos there every day. However, we can also use it for our purposes. YouTube has all of the clips of modern artists, published there in a high quality. You can watch it for free, as well as download the MP3 you like easily. But let’s start from the beginning.

YouTube is a video hosting, that’s why you have no direct access to the sound you hear there. According to their rules, you can just watch videos online, bringing the profits to those, who post them. If you dow+nload the video from YouTube for watching it in the offline mode, you violate their rules. The same thing goes about downloading the music from the video you hear. However, many people do it in such way.

They go to some pirate services (like VideoGrabby, for example) and set the video they would like to download there. The service automatically scrapes the video from YouTube and saves it on your PC.

These services allow downloading the music from videos too. It’s important for us, when we want to get the music from some newest clip of Rihanna, for example. Using such services, you can skip on purchasing these songs on iTunes, but start loading them for free.

Of course, we don’t advise you doing in such way. It is illegal and leaves artist without a revenue, which he or she was working for. But, anyway, this method exists and it is widely used by thousands of users.

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