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5 Google Play Music tricks and tips (Part 2)

In the previous article, we stopped talking about the limit of connected devices to your Google Play Music. We go on.

This limit doesn’t allow you sharing the access to your music with your friends and family. So, if you buy a new smartphone or tablet, you’d better watch the number of your activated mobile devices.

4.Saving for offline listening

One of the most useful features that a smartphone music player can have is an opportunity to save your tracks and playlists for listening to them offline. If you are having a trip and there is no good Wi-Fi connection around, this feature is perfect.

Downloading a track or a list of songs is simple. Just touch the three dots in the right upper corner of the screen and choose the ‘Download’ option. This function is also able to save the name of the song and its artists if the downloading is unavailable at the moment. In such way, your mobile phone makes sure that you don’t forget anything. Especially if you hear a great song on the radio.

5.Filtering the music

When listening to radio, you may hear many tracks for adults, containing inappropriate lyrics for kids. If you don’t want to listen to them, you can turn on the ‘Block explicit songs on radio’ function. It allows filtering all the ‘bad’ songs, as well as plays some censored versions of tracks with a white noise, where it’s needed.

5 Google Play Music tricks and tips (Part 1)

Despite Google Play Music being less popular than Spotify or iTunes, it’s still a great platform for listening to your favourite songs via your smartphone. That’s why we offer you this simple instruction with tricks and tips that you probably haven’t yet heard of.

1.Importing from iTunes (and other platforms)

The main benefit of this player is its ability to be used on any device, whether it’s an Android or an iOS smartphone. Any of these devices may also contain tracks that you’d like to import into Google Play Music. For doing this, you should simply drag and drop the favourite song. The same thing relates to the Chrome browser, which allows opening a special window with all the playable music listed.

You shouldn’t care of capability of this player – it may store up to 50 thousand tracks!

2.Importing the whole playlists

OK, we’ve seen the opportunity to import songs. But Google Play Music goes beyond that! It allows importing the whole playlists! Even those, listed in your iTunes.

All you need is downloading a Music Manager – a software for operating your music tracks, developed by Google.

Open the Google Music Manager and select ‘Choose by playlist’ (located on the ‘Upload’ tab).

3.Watch your device limit

As it was said before, Google Play Music application allows playing your favourite tracks at several devices simultaneously (up to 10). But the trick is that you can’t deactivate more than 4 of them in a year.

Downloading Google Play Music to your Android

Everyone agrees, that listening to the music offline is much more convenient, than being in online mode. It allows you to get somewhere far from WiFi or 4G network and enjoy your tracks with no problems. However, such services as Google Play don’t offer any direct method to get your music onto your device. As a result, most users don’t know, how to load all of their songs with minimum efforts. This article will provide you with such kind of information.

So, if you don’t want to download each song separately, you can load all of your collection in, literally, one click. For this you should choose all your collection. It can be done simply: just visit ‘Songs’ tab and select the first and the last items, while pressing ‘Shift’. It allows you to get all of your music selected. The next step is adding this all to a new playlist, which can be done with pressing the three dots in the upper corner.

Finally, the last step for saving your songs on a device is pressing the headphones icon in the left corner. It will drop down the menu with ‘On device’ shortcut. That’s what we were looking for!

This button makes your playlist saved on the device immediately. However, you should remember, that each song is loaded via the Internet. So that if you use limited amount of wireless traffic, you’d better stop downloading your content and connect to the WiFi first.