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How to download the music from SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a popular platform for listening to the music online. It has a large base of the music, which is still becoming famous. Many young, talented artist post their tracks here, allowing the SoundCloud visitors to listen to their tracks and to rate them. Of course, the platform allows listening to the music online, without downloading it onto the device. However, many users are searching for such kind of function, in order to get an opportunity to listen the tracks via their offline devices. In this article we’d like to show you, how to download the music from SoundCloud.

From the very beginning of our instruction, we’d like to underline, that such downloading is illegal, because it breaks the rights of the artists and of SoundCloud as well. Users are not allowed to get the mediafiles directly. However, many services, available on the web, offer such kind of an option. The only thing you should do is setting the file you’d like to download. The first links in Google SERP, when we search for such services, give us the exact result we need – the online platforms for downloading MP3 files of the songs from SoundCloud. Just point, what you would like to get and press “Download” (from SoundCloud).

As a rule, these services are absolutely free, so that you don’t need to pay for using them. However, these projects won’t let you download thousands or millions of tracks if you need – they can offer just several tracks.

Best music phones in 2016

Today any smartphone can play various audio formats with ease. Literally you can purchase any kind of phone (even a simple cellphone) and make it playing the music. However, the difference of sound quality may be incredible.

PCadvisor has made a comparison of different phones, using a single criteria – what is the quality of sound they play. Several models of top smartphones were analyzed and the following consequences were made.

First of all, let’s bring the list of models, they used. It includes either the most popular iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Nexus 6P, HTC 10 and LG G5; or less known OnePlus 2, Marshall London and BQ Aquaris M5.

The experts tested the smartphones, measuring the level of distortion, the loudness of speakers, the pureness of the sound, the bass level and so on. So, after all of this stuff, the top-10 smartphones were found.

1.Marshall London

The 399 pounds mobile is a leader of the rating, thanks to its great sound quality. It’s a product of a famous brand, which specializes in audio tools production. That’s why this gadget will definitely bring you much fun.

2.Samsung Galaxy S6

This branded mobile phone was called ‘The best Android smartphone’ in 2015. All of its specifications are speaking for themselves – it has a great design, nice performance and, of course, a pure quality of a loud sound.

3.HTC 10

The third place in PCadvisor rating is taken by HTC 10. It’s a good model for those, who like listening to the music either with earphones, or using the external speaker. Its price is 569 pounds.

The other models in this rating are: BQ Aquaris M5 (4th place), iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Nexus 6P, HTC One M9 and so on.



How to download music from YouTube?

YouTube is a #1 video hosting platform all over the world. Billions of media files are stored on its servers, which have either video, or audio tracks. That’s why it can be a great source of audio, if you want something to listen to. However, listening to the music on YouTube may be not so always convenient, – that’s why the instruction on how to download the music from YouTube may be useful for you. Let’s find it out.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning, that there are a lot of ways to download either audio, or video from YouTube. But both of these actions are, literally, illegal, because they break this service’s terms of use. According to them, YouTube content can’t be played separately.

However, many users prefer downloading YouTube stuff, in order to play the compositions they like in an offline mode. That’s why there are so many ways to do it.

From one point of view, the music from YouTube can be loaded with the help of browser extensions. They implement into your web-browser, allowing you to get any video/audio you want in couple of clicks.

Another popular way to load everything you need is using of external services. In my opinion, one of the most convenient for this is VideoGrabby. It allows dowloading both types of files in the highest quality, for free.

The only thing you should do is setting the URL-address of the video you want to get. After that the service gives you the direct link to the file you need.

How music affects teens?

Music is an object for various discussions of scientists (psychologists in particular). It can easily be called a phenomenon, which is not studied enough yet. The same music can affect different people in various manner, depending on our mood, our life events and so on. So, in this article we’d like to study the way music affects teens – people, who are likely to be the most active listeners ever.

According to different scientific researches, the style of music, while talking about its influence on people, matters a lot. For example, we can bring to you, as a result, a rap music. Mostly it consists of the lyrics, related to some ‘18+’ subjects, like drugs, sex and money. Another direction is rock music, which has another audience of listeners, who lead different life from the rap-fans. The researchers claim that each of these two groups has its own values, aims, tools for their achieving. However, it doesn’t mean, that such people (from the other groups) can’t be similar.

The influence of music is determined with various factors. The actual style of the artist, his lyrics and conceptions matters as well.  In order to realize, what is the impact of the particular music, listened by your child, you should listen to it and realize it. But you shouldn’t worry much while this – any music taste can be changed with time. Don’t prohibit listening to some kind of music to your child – it can make it even more valuable for him or her. It’s better to just try offering some new genres and artists – maybe your child will like them.

Music as a key to success

Many successful people, who work in various fields (like business, politics, social life) have one certain thing in common. Many of them learned playing music. For example, Bruce Kovner, a world-famous billionaire, is actually a pianist. Condoleezza Rice has also had some classes in piano. Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the Federal Reserve (actually, the former chairman), was also a professional clarinet player. Is it a simple coincidence? Or the successful people can thank their musical classes for their success? The scientists think, that this question is far more difficult to answer, then we thought.

Playing music has many benefits, which we don’t think about. For example, it can teach us creativity and original thinking; it teaches us concentration and perseverance, – the qualities, that are necessary in any kind of job. They are, actually, the cornerstone for success in any field. And those, who have them, are more likely to achieve some great results.

If you ask the musicians about their success, they tell you, that music is an answer. Paul Allen, for example, claims that the music transforms our confidence and aims it on creating some new things. Some of those, who learn some musical instruments, also call the music as a new language, which is available for a wide range of people.

Of course, the only playing music will not bring you on top of the field you work in. It’s, probably, the key to some useful qualities of your mind and your skills, which are needed for achieving anything. Mastering them increases your chances for success.