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Get any MP3 from YouTube

Everyone knows YouTube. It’s a great service for millions of people, who are watching and posting different videos there every day. However, we can also use it for our purposes. YouTube has all of the clips of modern artists, published there in a high quality. You can watch it for free, as well as download the MP3 you like easily. But let’s start from the beginning.

YouTube is a video hosting, that’s why you have no direct access to the sound you hear there. According to their rules, you can just watch videos online, bringing the profits to those, who post them. If you dow+nload the video from YouTube for watching it in the offline mode, you violate their rules. The same thing goes about downloading the music from the video you hear. However, many people do it in such way.

They go to some pirate services (like VideoGrabby, for example) and set the video they would like to download there. The service automatically scrapes the video from YouTube and saves it on your PC.

These services allow downloading the music from videos too. It’s important for us, when we want to get the music from some newest clip of Rihanna, for example. Using such services, you can skip on purchasing these songs on iTunes, but start loading them for free.

Of course, we don’t advise you doing in such way. It is illegal and leaves artist without a revenue, which he or she was working for. But, anyway, this method exists and it is widely used by thousands of users.

Make business with your music

Everyone knows, that music is a great tool for making money – there is plenty of ways to do it. In this article, we’d like to give you some simple ideas on how you can make money with your tracks.

Youtube stars make millions

There are people, who earn a lot with a help of Youtube. Psy with his ‘Gangnam style’ is the best example for them. All you need is a good song, music, and a fancy video, in order to get millions (or even billions) of views. Then money comes.

Sell your tracks on iTunes

If you are not fond of filming, there is another way to monetize your talent. Many young musicians use popular smartphone stores, like iTunes or Google Play, in order to sell their tracks directly to the fans. However, this way of monetization is more effective, if you are famous a little. In order to get some success in this business, you should probably start playing music for free.

Run campaign for crowdfunding

As an alternative for the beginning talented artists, who don’t want to sell all the rights for their songs to some labels, the crowdfunding appears. It’s a nice way for anyone to get some cash for realizing their plans. Many young artists run their campaigns on IndieGoGo or KickStarter, gathering money for their art. Sometimes these campaigns may be even more successful, than a simple try to sell your tracks.

The best solution for people, who play music, is, probably, a combination of the mentioned ways. So, try them all – and the money will come.

Downloading music for free may be dangerous

As we know, any song may be found for free on the various websites. These platforms don’t charge any fees from their visitors, that’s why they are obviously illegal – the share the music without its artists’ permission. So, downloading tracks from such websites, you break the law as well.

Besides, there are many other threats for you on such websites as well. Different viruses, malware programmes, and spam may be downloaded by you together with the illegal MP3s. That’s why we strongly recommend you avoiding these websites. Even having downloaded the track for free, you won’t be able to enjoy it fully – its quality won’t be good enough to listen to it with your player as needed.

On the other hand, there is a plenty of services, which offer music tracks on a paid basis. They give you an opportunity to get your favourite songs for some small pay, like $1-2 per track. However, these platforms guarantee the highest quality of a song for you. Besides, purchasing tracks are legal – it brings to the artist the profits from every listener, stimulating him for working more.

Pay for the highest quality of the music only

It’s not a secret, that there are different platforms, which sell music tracks for the visitors. The principle of these websites’ business is simple: a visitor pays for the track they distribute and some part of the revenue goes directly to the artist (or the studio, which represents him).

The variety of distributing websites with different interfaces and various conditions of usage leads to the different levels of service for the customer. So, we’d like to warn you about the quality of a song that you pay for.

Any track’s quality can be characterized from the point of its compression format and the bit rate. The higher the bit rate is – the higher quality of the track is. It results in different prices for the track as well.

Purchasing you favourite singer’s songs, be attentive to the track’s specifications. Pay for the highest quality of tracks only; compare different providers and choose the best one. Buy the songs, which sound like it should.

Another question is your provider’s speed download. While buying the whole album, you need to download a pretty big load of files at the time. So be sure, that your network connection is good enough for this.

There is plenty of downloading websites on the market, so sometimes picking the ‘right’ one for you may be difficult. The simplest way to make a choice is looking through the reviews of them. Other users will help you to learn about the platform more.

Music downloading tips for saving more

If you like some artist’s songs, downloading them may be pretty costly. There are some simple tips for saving your money, which will give you an opportunity to enjoying the tracks.

First of all, you should check, if the songs you like are available for free. There are several services for this, like Pandora and Slacker. They are designed for searching and listening to the tracks you like on your PC or your iPad. The main benefit from these services is an opportunity to get the tracks for free. On the other hand, these platforms provide music for listening without the direct saving on the device. All of the tracks you get are streaming online there.

Another useful tip for downloading (or buying) the music is loading all tracks together. If you like the songs of one artists, it will be much cheaper for you to buy the whole album of his. It’s cheaper, than purchasing his tracks one-by-one. So, keep it in mind the next time, when you discover another great singer for yourself.

There are many different websites on the web, which allow you to download the tracks directly. As a rule, they don’t charge you for each downloaded MP3. They also have no subscription, what means that these websites share someone’s tracks for free. It’s obvious, that such platforms break laws, either as their visitors, who download the tracks.

The final tip we’d like to give is: “Listen to the music before you buy”. Special ‘pre-listening’ buttons are available for those, who is going to purchase the track. Use it, in order not to waste money on the songs you don’t like.