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Top 7 Music downloader apps for Android (Part 1)

If you have Android, you shouldn’t worry about the music on your device. In this article we’d like to present you the rating of 20 best music downloaders for mobile or a table, using Android OS. So, here they are!


It’s probably the most famous project in the music world. All of the modern songs that are popular today are available for you with their app. It also has a lot of other features, like an option for sharing the tracks with your friends, for publishing your own content, etc. It works as a social media, but is much better!

2.4Shared Music

This application is designed for much more serious music lovers, than the previous ones, mentioned above. It has got a lot of different filters to search the right track and download it. The user has also an opportunity to create his own playlist and enjoys listening to the music both online and offline. The service provides 15Gb for music downloading for free.

3.Music Download Paradise

The name of this app speaks for itself! It provides a user with all the needed tools for searching for the right composition. Sort tracks by artist, title, or album – all of these options are available for your Android for free! MDP has the highest ratings due to the love of millions of users. It is available in your Google Play, just like all other applications that we were talking about.

The benefits from learning English through songs and music

Music can not only entertain you or improve your mood when it’s needed. It’s also a great tool for improving your language skills. The scientific researches proved that our brain is able to learn something new from songs. All you need is finding some foreign songs and listening to them regularly. Your comprehensive, speaking and grammar skills will develop from this.

Songs are also a great source of useful expressions and terms. You may learn new words with their help with no need to sit with a vocabulary. One more benefit from this is that the artists, as a rule, use lexicons that are really usable in their country or region. That’s the great advantage in comparison with the outdated dictionaries that you may use.

Another benefit is an opportunity to listen to the tone and rhythm of the real English. It can differ from the way you pronounce the words, – that’s why we can call it ‘the practical knowledge’.

A regular listening to the English songs is also great if you want to make the language stuck in your head. It’s the simplest way to do it, but once you do – you will play over and over them in your mind. As a result, learning this language (it may not be the English only) becomes much simpler.

Turn music into a daily habit. That’s the quickest way to get used to hearing the foreign speech and to improve your English skills dramatically!

3 websites to download free music legally (part 2)

We continue our rating of the websites that offer you a free music. And in the previous part of this article we’ve already discussed such projects, as Amazon and Free Music Archive. Both of them offer you listening to the music of some artists, who are not that famous yet. The third website which we’d like to offer you has a little bit different profile. It uses the country of the artist as main criteria to find a music. It is called Jamendo.

On this catalogue, you won’t find any buttons to sort the tracks by genre. All you can is sorting the songs due to the nationality of a singer. That’s why you can find the songs from the whole world here. There are still other criteria to sort the tracks: you can see the newest and the most popular ones.

Jamendo is not the absolutely free project. It still has a subscription and gives an opportunity to buy the tracks. For downloading any songs here, you should have a membership. For this, you should create an account.

But finding the music from some particular country is the best option here. You can not only download them but also to listen to your favourite tracks online. For doing this you should press a ‘Radio’ button, located at the top of your page.

On these websites, you won’t find any popular songs, as well as the tracks of some super popular artists. You still need to visit iTunes for downloading them.

3 websites to download free music legally (part 1)

Downloading music can be quite costly when we talk about buying tracks on iTunes or getting a subscription on Spotify. If you want to save your money, or you simply don’t want to pay for the digital music records, here are some websites, which allow downloading music for free. The only difference that exists between these projects and some pirate torrents is that you can download the tracks using them legally. And when you see the names of these websites, you’ll become sure that it’s legal by yourself.


It may be a surprising fact for you, but this giant of e-commerce offers some free deals when we talk about the music. But finding them is not that simple – you should find a button ‘Free songs from artists to watch’ under the ‘Deals’ sign. By clicking it, you see the list of the songs that are provided for free.

The only thing you should mind is that these tracks are made by some less-known artists; that’s why they are free. But still, you can get some interesting stuff there.

Free Music Archive

The name of this website speaks for itself. It is designed to provide the users with a free music from the young and less-known artists for free. In reward, they get the popularity and fans from those, who are seeking for something free.

Using this project, you have also an opportunity to get some new names in the music world, which were unknown before.

Downloading the music via Torrent

Torrenting is the most popular way to share unofficial staff for free. Some cracked software, ripped filmes, unlicensed games and so much more is available there, on torrents. They are presented with thousands of platforms all over the net. So, if we are talking about the music downloading, it’s available there as well.

For getting your MP3s from Torrent, you need to take several steps. First of all, you should download a programm for working with the ‘.torrent’ file. It is free and simple to use, and the most popular one is BiTorrent. Besides the software, you should also have the ‘.torrent’ file. It has links to the source of the file you are loading, but you don’t see it – you simply add file to your program. Than the download starts.

Talking about the music torrents, they may be found in some special categories on torrent communities. They exist as the closed forums, which may be accessed only after your registration is completed.

The choice of the music torrents depends on the popularity of a platform you download from. Some of the torrents are more popular, – there you can see millions of registered users, who upload their files, including the music. Other torrents are less popular, but they may have some specific, ‘closed’ communities, which listen to one artist, for example.

Torrent is available either on your PC, or on the tablet or your smartphone. For using it you should download a special application (BiTorrent).