Top-5 mobile music players for Android

If you use Android for listening to the music, you should probably know, how inconvenient Google’s player is. That’s why the whole industry for alternative players is opened. Here they are – the most popular and top-rated applications in 2016.
If you’ve ever used Android, you should definitely hear of AIMP. It’s extremely simple, but very flexible and functional audio player. It’s free and available for any device you work with. However, this app has super clean interface with a minimum amount of signs and icons. That’s why most of the users feel themselves a little bit awkward in the start of its usage.
This is another powerful tool for those, who listen to the music. This player is free, but it also has its paid ‘full’ version with more themes. It’s an alternative to the AIMP app, but it has more attractive interface, which can also be customized as you need.
One more participant of our rating, a PhonoGraph appliaction has much less functions, than it’s provided by the mentioned above apps. But its main feature is a simple and attractive design with colors, matching the main screen. So that the user can enjoy this app’s design each time he runs it.
This app has either free, or a paid version. Both of them are amazing, because the developers of this software managed to find that perfect ‘the golden middle’ between the set of functions and the appearance of an app.
Being provided with both free and ‘Pro’ (paid) versions, JetAudio has a huge set of features. In its premium version, for example, 10-band equalizer for customizing the sound is presented.

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