Spotify allows listening to the music offline

Today there is a plenty of special music services which allow listening to the music. As a rule, they deal both with online and offline modes, helping to search for your favourite tracks with your device. One of the most popular services in this sphere is Spotify. It’s a world famous platform with a huge set of opportunities, which can let you enjoy your tracks everywhere you go!

The main function of Spotify is uniting a great set of songs of thousands of artists for their fans. Let’s say, if you like some track and enjoy its listening, you can visit this platform and check all the other songs of this artist. At the very same time you may use their search tool for getting more tracks that you will like.

However, listening to the music online is not such an unusual thing today, isn’t it? That’s why this service expands its functions, offering some additional features. One of them is an opportunity to listen to your favourite songs offline. It’s as simple, as downloading tracks directly to your PC, but you do it legally and without any risk to get a virus or a malware during this process.

Though, there are some limitations. The first thing you should know is that offline mode is available for the ‘Premium’ users only. It means that you should pay for using it. The second important note is that you can have only 3,333 songs in your library, available from offline. The third limit is the number of devices – it’s only 3 platforms that you may use (like your notebook, tablet and a smartphone).

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