Frost Wire Download Software

If using numerous websites for music download seems too complicated or unsafe, you can try some free download software that are widely available on the internet. One that particularly stands out is Frost Wire. It is available for almost all platforms – you can download it regardless of what operating system you have (there is a version of Frost Wire for Windows, Mac OSX and Ubuntu as well). Also, if you have RPM or TARBALL, you can still use Frost Wire for downloading music. No need to point out that there is also an application for Android, and you can simply download it from the Google Play Store.

In-App search

How does Frost Wire work? All you have to do is type your keyword in the search bar, and Frost Wire will automatically connect to many different torrent search engines and websites to find the file you’re looking for. And all of the search results are displayed in the same place.

Fast and easy download

With this software, your favorite songs are just a click away. There are no complicated procedures you need to carry out before you can download what you want. There is a button next to the song’s name – click on it and the song will start downloading immediately.

Media player and library

Frost Wire also allows you to easily access, browse and play all your media in one place. There is even a gesture-based audio player incorporated in the application for Android smartphones.


Whether you want to share the files to your phone, computer or friends, the process is the same – you can share them over local wi-fi or you can even create a torrent and share your music with the entire world!

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