7 Small tips that you should know about Apple Music (Part 1)

Apple launched its refreshed version of Apple Music for iOS10. It has got a new attractive design, as well as some new features that make it more convenient to be used. Here are some of the tips that will help you use your Apple Music with fun.

1.Listen to all Beats 1 playlists whenever you want

Apple allowed its users to listen to the shows of the 24h live station Beats 1 when they want it. All the shows, including the most popular hits, are available off the air. The user has just to tap ‘Radio’, then choose ‘All Beats 1 Shows’. After this, all the missed episodes will be available.

2.A song in the morning

Many people prefer listening to the songs instead of hearing the annoying alarm sound. Apple Music gives such an opportunity as well. You just need to enter the Settings, open ‘Clock’ and choose ‘Alarm’, in order to pick the song that you’d like to be played. Don’t forget to add the songs from Apple Music catalogue to ‘My Music’.

3.Siri becomes your personal DJ

Another great benefit from using new Apple Music is an opportunity to get Siri as your personal DJ. It can analyse your songs and suggest the new playlist of the tracks that will potentially be liked by you.

The opportunities are even wider because Siri can play any song from any TV show or any album you like. Just ask her about it.

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