3 websites to download free music legally (part 2)

We continue our rating of the websites that offer you a free music. And in the previous part of this article we’ve already discussed such projects, as Amazon and Free Music Archive. Both of them offer you listening to the music of some artists, who are not that famous yet. The third website which we’d like to offer you has a little bit different profile. It uses the country of the artist as main criteria to find a music. It is called Jamendo.

On this catalogue, you won’t find any buttons to sort the tracks by genre. All you can is sorting the songs due to the nationality of a singer. That’s why you can find the songs from the whole world here. There are still other criteria to sort the tracks: you can see the newest and the most popular ones.

Jamendo is not the absolutely free project. It still has a subscription and gives an opportunity to buy the tracks. For downloading any songs here, you should have a membership. For this, you should create an account.

But finding the music from some particular country is the best option here. You can not only download them but also to listen to your favourite tracks online. For doing this you should press a ‘Radio’ button, located at the top of your page.

On these websites, you won’t find any popular songs, as well as the tracks of some super popular artists. You still need to visit iTunes for downloading them.

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