3 websites to download free music legally (part 1)

Downloading music can be quite costly when we talk about buying tracks on iTunes or getting a subscription on Spotify. If you want to save your money, or you simply don’t want to pay for the digital music records, here are some websites, which allow downloading music for free. The only difference that exists between these projects and some pirate torrents is that you can download the tracks using them legally. And when you see the names of these websites, you’ll become sure that it’s legal by yourself.


It may be a surprising fact for you, but this giant of e-commerce offers some free deals when we talk about the music. But finding them is not that simple – you should find a button ‘Free songs from artists to watch’ under the ‘Deals’ sign. By clicking it, you see the list of the songs that are provided for free.

The only thing you should mind is that these tracks are made by some less-known artists; that’s why they are free. But still, you can get some interesting stuff there.

Free Music Archive

The name of this website speaks for itself. It is designed to provide the users with a free music from the young and less-known artists for free. In reward, they get the popularity and fans from those, who are seeking for something free.

Using this project, you have also an opportunity to get some new names in the music world, which were unknown before.

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