Things You Shouldn’t Do At A Concert – Part Two

Here’s part 2 of things to avoid doing when attending a concert (regardless of how hard you feel like rockin’ out).

Wear The Band’s T-Shirt

Unless you just arrived at the show from an Ironman triathlon and needed to change out of your mud, sweat and blood-soaked gear and into the band shirt you just bought at the merch table, it’s simply a straight faux pas to wear the shirt of the band you’re seeing at the concert. Everybody knows you like them — you’re at the show after all. That being said, nowadays artists make most of their income from touring, so if you like their T-shirts, definitely cop one, just save wearing it for after the show.

Unprovoked Song Requests

While it’s awesome to hear that people love your work so much they are dying to hear a song, shouting out a request is not welcome by every artist. Most bands put some time into their set list and have already figured out the order of songs they’re going to play beforehand. If the artist does ask for requests or isn’t sure what they should play next, then go for it, but otherwise, you went to their show, so just let them do their thing.

Pushing To Get To The Front

If you didn’t get to the front before the band started and there isn’t easy access, don’t be one of those people who wedges themselves in between fellow concert goers like there’s time to get to the front and plenty of space to do so. You will inevitably get stuck in front of someone, cramping their space and making a dozen semi-enemies along the way. Get there early and stake out a spot before the show. Rock out. Rinse and repeat.



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