Things You Shouldn’t Do At A Concert – Part One

1. Excessive Smartphone Use
If we had only one major no-no for concert goers, this would be it. Let’s be blunt: you don’t need to film the show on your smartphone, let alone your tablet. It’s very likely that someone else is already doing the same, and that they also look ridiculous watching the whole show from their phone’s screen instead of in real life. Plus, you’re probably blocking other people’s views of the performance. Yes, we are all addicted to our smartphones, and it’s hard to put them down, but you paid your hard-earned money to see the show, so be present and enjoy it. You’ll only get to have that experience once.
2. Get on the Stage
A really awesome band can be electrifying — you feel like you want to be up there with them — but it might be better to try to avoid that urge. The artists have most likely put a lot of effort into curating a performance for you, and fans getting on stage distracts them from that. It’s like sitting at the President’s desk; you just don’t do it. Anyway, you wouldn’t want to get body-slammed by Action Bronson — something he’s famously done to stage-encroachers many times.
3. Unannounced Stage Dive
If you do find yourself on stage, either encouraged by good vibes or welcomed by the band, take a second to scout several homies who are paying attention before taking the leap. We totally get the excitement and in-the-moment feeling, but we’ve also witnessed more than a few amped up knuckleheads rush a stage dive only to be caught by the hard floor, which is a lot less caring than your fellow fans. Not fun.

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