Top 7 Music downloader apps for Android (Part 1)

If you have Android, you shouldn’t worry about the music on your device. In this article we’d like to present you the rating of 20 best music downloaders for mobile or a table, using Android OS. So, here they are!


It’s probably the most famous project in the music world. All of the modern songs that are popular today are available for you with their app. It also has a lot of other features, like an option for sharing the tracks with your friends, for publishing your own content, etc. It works as a social media, but is much better!

2.4Shared Music

This application is designed for much more serious music lovers, than the previous ones, mentioned above. It has got a lot of different filters to search the right track and download it. The user has also an opportunity to create his own playlist and enjoys listening to the music both online and offline. The service provides 15Gb for music downloading for free.

3.Music Download Paradise

The name of this app speaks for itself! It provides a user with all the needed tools for searching for the right composition. Sort tracks by artist, title, or album – all of these options are available for your Android for free! MDP has the highest ratings due to the love of millions of users. It is available in your Google Play, just like all other applications that we were talking about.

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