Quality Also Matters

People make different types of compromises every day in their lives. Compromises also have to be made when it comes to downloading music. If you want a file that does not take too much space on your music device, you need to accept low music quality. If you want high music file quality, you need to accept the fact that the file will take up lots of space. Converting .mp3 file to other file formats won’t make the song sound better – in fact, the file may lose its original quality. So, how to check a file’s quality?

All you need is one simple tool – a spectrogram. A spectrogram analyses the file and gives a visual representation of its content, allowing you to detect eventual problems. Once you get the results, you need to be careful about a few things:

1. A clean and nice looking spectrogram does not mean that you’ve reached the perfect quality with your file. But, a bad spectrogram indicates certain problems.
2. The file may have artistic degradation – “telephone voice effect” is one of them. These degradations cut everything above 4 kHz.
3. Pay attention to frequencies – if they are above 16 kHz, it means the file has probably been compressed.
4. Some instruments simply do not produce high frequencies. It’s possible to have lossless tracks with no high frequencies at all.

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