How to master Apple Music? (Part 2)

We continue writing tips about how to master Apple Music if you are a music fan. And in this chapter, we’d like to tell you about more interesting tools, provided by this service.

Follow and unfollow your favourite artists

Apple tries to make its own social network, based on the music interests of its users. And its called Connect. The name speaks for itself: you can connect to (follow) your favourite artists, in order to receive their latest new tracks and songs. It will be the fastest way to get what you like with the help of Apple device.

From the other hand, the mechanism of unfollowing exists. It allows stop subscription for any artist.

Download with mobile internet connection

This feature may seem strange for some users, but it is still offered by Apple. You don’t need to search for WiFi all the time! If you have enough mobile data, you can download some songs with your cellular connection easily. All you need is turning the appropriate setting on, in order to allow your mobile waste some Mbytes!

Use the ‘For You’ tab

Apple Music has a strong tool for providing you with a new content. It is placed to the ‘For You’ tab. All the new tracks that you may like will be presented there. Just grab what you like, listen to and buy!

Use AM on your desktop

There is no need to use your iPhone or iPad for listening to the music all the time! You can setup the application to your Mac or Windows as well. It allows you playing your favourite things even from your PC  desktop!

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