How to master Apple Music? (Part 1)

Apple Music is a nice tool for searching really great songs that you’ll like. But mastering it requires some time and efforts too. In this article, we’d like to show you the main tips how to do it.

1.Tell Apple Music what you like

The service is designed in such way that you should provide it with your musical interests first. Then it picks the similar artists that you will definitely like.

Choosing your favourite artists is simple: you get the field with different genres of music and pick the ones that you are interested in.

2.Let it see your stored compositions

Apple Music may also make a conclusion about your music interests, using the locally stored tracks in your iTunes. It’s simple: the application synchronizes with iTunes and checks what you like. It is a great strategy for making your iPhone or iPad guess what you’ll like.

3.Add tracks and artists by yourself

When you see some interesting track, artist or album that you’d like to add your music library, you should do it by simple pressing ‘Add to My Music’ button. It will allow Apple Music finding more relevant stuff for you to listen.

4.Download music for listening in the offline mode

Another great option that is available to you is listening to your favourite tracks in the offline mode. Just make sure that you have a strong WiFi connection and press the ‘Make Available Offline’ button. It will automatically load the tracks to your library.

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