Last.FM – A Good Alternative To Music Downloads

Downloading music from the Internet is awesome in that it allows people to have their own private music libraries in their computers, smartphones and MP3s. However, one of the downsides of the aforementioned media is that sometimes they just don’t possess enough memory space to allow you to have all the music you need at a certain point. That’s why there are many alternatives out there, and Last.FM is one of the best ones.

Last.FM’s music library contains well over 12 million individual audio tracks from artists on all the major commercial and independent labels. Users are provided a tool to add music to which they own the rights to Last.FM’s library. Commercially available albums are regularly added by Last.FM staff. The music catalogue includes a wide variety of genres including popular music, classical, opera and musicals, as well as many little known and specialist recordings which are no longer generally available.

However, for licensing and other reasons, there are significant gaps in Last. FM’s music catalogue and tracks that used to be available can disappear. For example, as of 2012, most songs by The Beatles, the Pet Shop Boys and Madonna, among others, were unavailable for streaming. Most recent releases are also not always added immediately.

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