iTunes Review

Did you know that the iTunes music store has more music titles and genres than any other music service? iTunes has more than 80% market share in the digital industry. So, what are the good and bad things about iTunes?

First of all, a big problem with iTunes was the fact that downloaded music could only be played on Apple products. And then people from Apple saw an opportunity and removed the digital rights that were previously embedded in iTunes songs, allowing millions of people to download their music and play it on any music player.

Most songs still cost $0.99, but soon this will change. It’s expected that new prices will also be $0.69 and $1.29. So-called “song upgrading” is possible even if you’ve already bought the song – just pay the difference to the full price.

The best thing about iTunes is that almost every song can be found there – more than 8 million songs are available every minute, and the number is increasing day by day. Also, besides music, iTunes offers additional content such as movies, TV, audiobooks and even apps.

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