How To Avoid Downloading A Virus

Downloading stuff from the Internet is something we all do at least once a day, let alone more often. However, with every download there is a possibility that our computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone is being infected with a virus. There are ways around that, just as there are ways of minimizing the risk of ever infecting your device. The following are just a few simple tips designed to help you with that.

Pay attention to fake download/play buttons
Usually these are targeted on torrent sites or anything with a download keyword on it, so users are fooled into clicking it and downloading something completely unrelated. It’s a dirty trick, and the only way to defeat them is to be careful and think twice before hitting the download button. It helps if you already know the site in question, because you should be able to realize the location of the download button has changed.

Stay away from Internet Explorer

In every hacking convention so far, Internet Explorer has always been the first to fall. It has been claimed that a fresh install of XP with IE6 will be infected within minutes of browsing the Internet. While the latest IE9 may have toughened up a little, the fact is that IE is specifically targeted by hackers on a daily basis, precisely because the number of people who don’t even consider switching browsers makes it a profitable target.

Create a non-admin account for general use and family members

If you allow yourself and members of your family to use the administration account, you are asking for trouble. Creating limited privileges user account protects you somewhat by preventing anything run by that user (malicious or not) from doing any permanent damage.

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