How To Avoid Buying The Same Song Twice

Music downloads became popular years ago, and many (il)legal channels for downloading music appeared. Also, in today’s world, people tend to listen to music on different devices – on their computers, their lap tops, their phones, music players etc. With all these devices it’s completely normal to have duplicate songs. But, what happens when you buy music and then you realize you’ve bought the same song twice? How to avoid this?

Of course, the simplest thing you can do is check all your devices before actually buying a song. If you’re not sure if you have downloaded that specific song, check the music library on your phone, computer etc. This is a simple thing to do when you have one or two devices. But, what if you have three or more? The best thing is to try to keep all your devices synchronized. If you already don’t have a built-in option for synchronization, you can download numerous software solutions that allow you to do this.

Besides this, many sites for buying music (iTunes, for example) have an option that allows you to check whether you’ve downloaded a song or not. Try to stick to websites like this, especially when you download lots of music.

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