7 Small tips that you should know about Apple Music (Part 2)

4.Get new recommendations

The more music you add to your playlists, the better recommendations you will get by Apple Music. They will be constantly improved, meeting your preferences all the time.

Apple also provided you with a ‘Like’ button, giving you an opportunity to share your music tastes with a system. Even if you don’t like some of the tracks, offered to you, you can notify your smartphone about this.

5.Use manual settings to show what you like

If Apple Music picked the wrong recommendations for you (as you think), you still have a second chance to correct anything. Just choose artists and tracks you like manually, in order to inform the system about your preferences.

6.Playlists personalization available

Naming your playlists is boring, according to Apple. The next step is getting an individual icon for each of them. You can get a picture or a photo for any playlists you have. This will tell you more about the group of songs, than just a name.

7.Music in loud spaces mode

Apple offered its solution of the great problem of listening to the music in loud spaces. For example, you should change the volume of sound each time when you get from the noisy environment to the quite one. Instead of doing this, you can simply activate the ‘Late Night’ option that makes your iPhone compress the range of an audio output automatically.

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