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Getting Concert Tickets Without Breaking A Sweat

The advent of the internet has changed how we enjoy and listen to music. An integral part of that process is going to concerts and shows. Nothing beats the feel and atmosphere that one gets from being able to witness the artist and taking in the atmosphere of a stadium filled with thousands of fans. While most enjoy a great concert and night out, the process of getting tickets is often arduous and costly. Fortunately, there are some few tips to take into consideration next time you are looking to buy concert tickets.

One way to ascertain that you get the cheapest possible price for your tickets is to purchase them directly from the Box office and not from agents and middle men. Though it may be convenient to use online ticketing services, keep in mind that they usually charge a service fee in order to offset their costs and of course make their money. With most big name performances where the venue is huge such as a stadium or arena, there is usually a box office that one can purchase directly from. Though this facility may not be available for smaller shows, it can save you money.

Another option may be to purchase tickets from people who bought them earlier but may not need them for one reason or the other. As the event approaches, one can make use of classifieds sites like Craiglist® to see if anyone is selling. The advantage here lies in the fact that you can negotiate with the seller, possibly getting a great discount. In addition there may be some reason the seller wants to let go of the tickets, and so they may be flexible in terms of price as long as they get some of their money back.

Finally, if you are really keen on getting into the show but are strapped for cash, doing some menial services or tasks for the band or group can be an option. This is usually possible with smaller groups or artists who are still starting out. By providing such services as spreading the word through flyers, helping with the pre – show arrangements and such can be a good way to earn a discount for the entry fee.

Whatever you do, there are a number of ways you can make your next concert experience less hectic on your wallet.

Music That You And Your Pet Will Enjoy

It goes without saying that music and sound have a huge impact and effect on any person’s psyche. It is as such, a challenge for people who have pets to tune in to their favorite beats, without startling them. In some cases, dogs and cats will cower and shy away in nervousness. It can be a puzzle as to what one can do to make life easier for their pets, when listening to music.

Research has shown that music has an influence on animal behavior. Animals, akin to people, have a number of stimuli that cause stress and discomfort. Usually animals open up to their owners and for that, are susceptible to stress from them as well. This is because there is a bond which develops between the animal and human, causing them to be in tune with their owners’ anxieties, fears and discomforts. For this reason, numerous people have looked at different ways to calm and comfort their pets, one of which is through music.

Slow, rhythmic music often engenders a sensation of sleep and relaxation. This is true especially for dogs. Loud, drum – thumping music can result in agitation and anxiety, so it may be best to avoid this. Though there may be exceptions, it is safe to say that loud rock music may not be an option here.

Studies have also shown that cats are particularly fond of male – voice choral music, the oboe and double bass. In instances where a cat is attracted to the music emanating from the radio, it will generally gravitate towards the speaker. This is a sign to look out for in your pet.

In instances where the average mellow tune won’t do, there is always the option to purchase purpose – designed tracks aimed at calming your feline friend down. Once again there is no guarantee here, but a casual trawl on the internet can also yield some great results.

An important consideration is to realize that your pet’s disposition is usually linked to your condition. Regardless of the type of music one plays, if they are in a state of distress or discomfort, it will do very little to soothe one’s pet. As a result it may be a good idea to be of good cheer when trying out some of these musical remedies.

Getting The Best Out Of Streaming Music

imageWhether one wants to admit it or not, it goes without saying that streaming has all but taken over the music industry. Gone are the days of downloading copious amounts of your favourite tunes and then lugging an external hard drive whenever you make a move. Numerous streaming sites offer amazing deals and promotions for minimal prices. Even more are free and open to anyone who wishes to plug in. Like any other tool or site on the world wide web, the key to getting the most out of it is if you are aware of how to manoeuvre seamlessly from one source to the next.

The first feature that any avid listener can make use of is the predictive playlist organizer that most sites employ. How this works is that, as you pore through the different genres and artists, an intuitive system keeps record of this. From this databank, not only can you access previously played music but you may also enable a predictive playlist which allows the site to recommend music that you may like, based on what you have already listened to. If however, you are not particularly proud of your music taste or are not keen on having an automated playlist, selecting a ‘private session’ will ensure that no trace of your music history is kept.

Another great characteristic of music streaming is that it enables the listener to access a variety of music files from unconventional sources such as radio, movie soundtracks and performances. Traditionally most listeners were limited to music released through conventional albums, EPs and singles. This meant if you heard a catchy tune on radio on your daily commute or during a great movie, you would need to purchase the album to enjoy the song. However with streaming sites, music classification is based on genre, artist, album, radio, movies and series among others. This allows for greater flexibility and accessibility.

One reason why streaming sites have gained so much popularity is the ability to access them across various platforms. By just signing up for one account, you are able to listen to your favorite beats on the go or at home as long as you have a device that can access the internet. In this world where most people conduct their affairs on mobile devices as well as computers, this comes in extremely handy.

Learning To Make Music Of Your Own

imageNo one can argue with the positive and great feeling that good music evokes. The only sensation that can trump the highs that come with listening to good vibes, is actually playing the music. Many people can only dream of being able to make lovely music and delight crowds and themselves in the process. However, given the complexity that is involved in learning to play most instruments, it is only those fortunate to have learnt at a young age who are gifted with this aptitude. One can also opt for a professional music teacher but this is often financially out of reach for most. There are some few practices that can assist the average person to master the art, though.

Firstly, there is need to invest oneself in the actual practice. A good motivator would be to actually purchase an instrument. While hiring one or borrowing from a friend can be an affordable alternative, when you buy the instrument for yourself, the chances of you being committed and seeing the practice through are much higher.

Another big step in one’s journey towards learning to play music is to study how to read music. Though it is absolutely possible to learn to play an instrument just by listening and imitating strokes, if you are ever going to take your talent mainstream, or at least be conversant with fellow musicians, there is need to understand musical notes. There are numerous beginner tutorials that can be found on the internet, in books and numerous other media.

In learning to play music, as is the case with other disciplines, one needs to mobilize resources that assist with the quest. There are many starter lectures or sessions that can be found for any type of instrument. Even dabbling in children’s songs or nursery rhymes may be a good idea. It may sound ridiculous but it will boost your confidence as you master the art promptly.

Finally, the part that practice plays in the whole process cannot be overemphasized. It may be difficult to free up a lot of time during the day, but the key is in setting a set period of time for practice and keeping to it. Though the improvement may not be apparent at first, over time you will definitely start to see results.

Music To Inspire And Motivate

imageIt goes without saying that music can have deep and strong effects on people. In so many instances, music has been used to help people connect with their inner self and evoke powerful memories. History has also shown that many a great mind have come up with ideas that have changed society while listening to their favorite tune. Certain types of music are recommended by medical practitioners as they have been known to influence and foster healing in ailing individuals. It thus comes as no surprise that music can also be channelled to motivate and possibly inspire people into a specific state of mind or action.

One such genre of music known to motivate, particularly the young, is Pop music. Upbeat tempos and feel good anthems are the main theme here, which carry with them an air of carefree abandon and happiness. These tracks are especially great when one is doing mundane and regular tasks that require a limited amount of concentration. As you dance along to the melody, the mind settles into a state of euphoria which is a great platform for feeling motivated and pumped to do something significant with your time.

For those looking for something a bit more laid back, classic rock as well as folk music can be an option. Classics such as the Rolling Stones and The Beatles did a great job of coming up with catchy jingles that are addictive and catchy. When one is plagued by feelings of fear, dread or anxiety, it is difficult to be creative or to feel motivated to work. By populating your mind with these timeless choruses a world without fear is created in one’s psyche, making it possible to dream and look forward to the future.

Classical music is also a good way to go on the path to self discovery and inspiration. The challenge that many face is all the noise and clutter that characterizes today’s lifestyle. With so much to concentrate on, between home and work, individuals often find themselves fully engaged in the daily rush. Listening to calming classical pieces from such composers as Beethoven and Handel can be key in giving focus and concentration.

In all, there needs to be a connection between the listener and the type of music for the desired effect to be realized.