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3 Different Ways To Download Music

With more options becoming available all the time, downloading your favorite songs has never been easier. Here, we will go over 3 different ways to download music to build your ultimate playlist.

Getting Music From YouTube

This is one of the easiest ways to download your favorite songs. The process is simple; you copy and paste the URL of the video you want into the text box and hit convert video to save it as an MP3. The quality is not always the best and any empty spaces will also be downloaded, so this may not be the most popular option.

Download Music Directly

There are many online communities for music enthusiasts where people share albums for free and can be directly downloaded. By using hosting sites such as Mediafire and Mega, a user will compress an entire album to a file and then post an address that can be clicked on to download the file. You need to be careful however, as you can also easily download a virus or a mislabeled album. Make sure your antivirus program is always on if you go this route.

Get Music From Torrent

Downloading music through torrenting is one of the most popular ways to get music now days. You will first need to download a program that can read torrent files. There are many sites where you can find music torrents, you simply search the web and find one that offers the type of music you are looking for.

5 Google Play Music tricks and tips (Part 1)

Despite Google Play Music being less popular than Spotify or iTunes, it’s still a great platform for listening to your favourite songs via your smartphone. That’s why we offer you this simple instruction with tricks and tips that you probably haven’t yet heard of.

1.Importing from iTunes (and other platforms)

The main benefit of this player is its ability to be used on any device, whether it’s an Android or an iOS smartphone. Any of these devices may also contain tracks that you’d like to import into Google Play Music. For doing this, you should simply drag and drop the favourite song. The same thing relates to the Chrome browser, which allows opening a special window with all the playable music listed.

You shouldn’t care of capability of this player – it may store up to 50 thousand tracks!

2.Importing the whole playlists

OK, we’ve seen the opportunity to import songs. But Google Play Music goes beyond that! It allows importing the whole playlists! Even those, listed in your iTunes.

All you need is downloading a Music Manager – a software for operating your music tracks, developed by Google.

Open the Google Music Manager and select ‘Choose by playlist’ (located on the ‘Upload’ tab).

3.Watch your device limit

As it was said before, Google Play Music application allows playing your favourite tracks at several devices simultaneously (up to 10). But the trick is that you can’t deactivate more than 4 of them in a year.

Have you ever thought of starting a music blog?

Starting a blog is a quite popular trend in many niches. Sometimes it seems like everybody runs its own blog, describing one’s minds and feelings.

Blogs can be related to money making, programming, books reading and millions of other topics. But can you imagine a music blog?

According to its name, this kind of blog is related to music: it describes new albums of some artists, announces local concerts, tells more about some music trends, etc. Music blogs sometimes even describe the ways you can download some new music for free for your iPod or another device. That’s what the music blog is.

This kind of projects has a lot of benefits for its owner. For example, music blog may be extremely popular due to the high interest of people to music. On the other hand, a popular music blog owner may be connected with the artists, promoting their events and new records. It creates a large field for monetization and getting profits from your blog.

The last thing, running a music blog is interesting if you are fond of music. For this, you should know the artists in your favourite genre, publish information about them and their tracks, make some interviews with the popular bands and singers and so on. For running a music blog full diving into the music atmosphere is required. That’s the benefit of people, who really love music.

Do you have your own blog? Maybe, it’s time to start it?

Get any MP3 from YouTube

Everyone knows YouTube. It’s a great service for millions of people, who are watching and posting different videos there every day. However, we can also use it for our purposes. YouTube has all of the clips of modern artists, published there in a high quality. You can watch it for free, as well as download the MP3 you like easily. But let’s start from the beginning.

YouTube is a video hosting, that’s why you have no direct access to the sound you hear there. According to their rules, you can just watch videos online, bringing the profits to those, who post them. If you dow+nload the video from YouTube for watching it in the offline mode, you violate their rules. The same thing goes about downloading the music from the video you hear. However, many people do it in such way.

They go to some pirate services (like VideoGrabby, for example) and set the video they would like to download there. The service automatically scrapes the video from YouTube and saves it on your PC.

These services allow downloading the music from videos too. It’s important for us, when we want to get the music from some newest clip of Rihanna, for example. Using such services, you can skip on purchasing these songs on iTunes, but start loading them for free.

Of course, we don’t advise you doing in such way. It is illegal and leaves artist without a revenue, which he or she was working for. But, anyway, this method exists and it is widely used by thousands of users.

Make business with your music

Everyone knows, that music is a great tool for making money – there is plenty of ways to do it. In this article, we’d like to give you some simple ideas on how you can make money with your tracks.

Youtube stars make millions

There are people, who earn a lot with a help of Youtube. Psy with his ‘Gangnam style’ is the best example for them. All you need is a good song, music, and a fancy video, in order to get millions (or even billions) of views. Then money comes.

Sell your tracks on iTunes

If you are not fond of filming, there is another way to monetize your talent. Many young musicians use popular smartphone stores, like iTunes or Google Play, in order to sell their tracks directly to the fans. However, this way of monetization is more effective, if you are famous a little. In order to get some success in this business, you should probably start playing music for free.

Run campaign for crowdfunding

As an alternative for the beginning talented artists, who don’t want to sell all the rights for their songs to some labels, the crowdfunding appears. It’s a nice way for anyone to get some cash for realizing their plans. Many young artists run their campaigns on IndieGoGo or KickStarter, gathering money for their art. Sometimes these campaigns may be even more successful, than a simple try to sell your tracks.

The best solution for people, who play music, is, probably, a combination of the mentioned ways. So, try them all – and the money will come.