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7 Small tips that you should know about Apple Music (Part 1)

Apple launched its refreshed version of Apple Music for iOS10. It has got a new attractive design, as well as some new features that make it more convenient to be used. Here are some of the tips that will help you use your Apple Music with fun.

1.Listen to all Beats 1 playlists whenever you want

Apple allowed its users to listen to the shows of the 24h live station Beats 1 when they want it. All the shows, including the most popular hits, are available off the air. The user has just to tap ‘Radio’, then choose ‘All Beats 1 Shows’. After this, all the missed episodes will be available.

2.A song in the morning

Many people prefer listening to the songs instead of hearing the annoying alarm sound. Apple Music gives such an opportunity as well. You just need to enter the Settings, open ‘Clock’ and choose ‘Alarm’, in order to pick the song that you’d like to be played. Don’t forget to add the songs from Apple Music catalogue to ‘My Music’.

3.Siri becomes your personal DJ

Another great benefit from using new Apple Music is an opportunity to get Siri as your personal DJ. It can analyse your songs and suggest the new playlist of the tracks that will potentially be liked by you.

The opportunities are even wider because Siri can play any song from any TV show or any album you like. Just ask her about it.

5 Google Play Music tricks and tips (Part 2)

In the previous article, we stopped talking about the limit of connected devices to your Google Play Music. We go on.

This limit doesn’t allow you sharing the access to your music with your friends and family. So, if you buy a new smartphone or tablet, you’d better watch the number of your activated mobile devices.

4.Saving for offline listening

One of the most useful features that a smartphone music player can have is an opportunity to save your tracks and playlists for listening to them offline. If you are having a trip and there is no good Wi-Fi connection around, this feature is perfect.

Downloading a track or a list of songs is simple. Just touch the three dots in the right upper corner of the screen and choose the ‘Download’ option. This function is also able to save the name of the song and its artists if the downloading is unavailable at the moment. In such way, your mobile phone makes sure that you don’t forget anything. Especially if you hear a great song on the radio.

5.Filtering the music

When listening to radio, you may hear many tracks for adults, containing inappropriate lyrics for kids. If you don’t want to listen to them, you can turn on the ‘Block explicit songs on radio’ function. It allows filtering all the ‘bad’ songs, as well as plays some censored versions of tracks with a white noise, where it’s needed.

Spotify allows listening to the music offline

Today there is a plenty of special music services which allow listening to the music. As a rule, they deal both with online and offline modes, helping to search for your favourite tracks with your device. One of the most popular services in this sphere is Spotify. It’s a world famous platform with a huge set of opportunities, which can let you enjoy your tracks everywhere you go!

The main function of Spotify is uniting a great set of songs of thousands of artists for their fans. Let’s say, if you like some track and enjoy its listening, you can visit this platform and check all the other songs of this artist. At the very same time you may use their search tool for getting more tracks that you will like.

However, listening to the music online is not such an unusual thing today, isn’t it? That’s why this service expands its functions, offering some additional features. One of them is an opportunity to listen to your favourite songs offline. It’s as simple, as downloading tracks directly to your PC, but you do it legally and without any risk to get a virus or a malware during this process.

Though, there are some limitations. The first thing you should know is that offline mode is available for the ‘Premium’ users only. It means that you should pay for using it. The second important note is that you can have only 3,333 songs in your library, available from offline. The third limit is the number of devices – it’s only 3 platforms that you may use (like your notebook, tablet and a smartphone).

3 websites to download free music legally (part 2)

We continue our rating of the websites that offer you a free music. And in the previous part of this article we’ve already discussed such projects, as Amazon and Free Music Archive. Both of them offer you listening to the music of some artists, who are not that famous yet. The third website which we’d like to offer you has a little bit different profile. It uses the country of the artist as main criteria to find a music. It is called Jamendo.

On this catalogue, you won’t find any buttons to sort the tracks by genre. All you can is sorting the songs due to the nationality of a singer. That’s why you can find the songs from the whole world here. There are still other criteria to sort the tracks: you can see the newest and the most popular ones.

Jamendo is not the absolutely free project. It still has a subscription and gives an opportunity to buy the tracks. For downloading any songs here, you should have a membership. For this, you should create an account.

But finding the music from some particular country is the best option here. You can not only download them but also to listen to your favourite tracks online. For doing this you should press a ‘Radio’ button, located at the top of your page.

On these websites, you won’t find any popular songs, as well as the tracks of some super popular artists. You still need to visit iTunes for downloading them.

3 websites to download free music legally (part 1)

Downloading music can be quite costly when we talk about buying tracks on iTunes or getting a subscription on Spotify. If you want to save your money, or you simply don’t want to pay for the digital music records, here are some websites, which allow downloading music for free. The only difference that exists between these projects and some pirate torrents is that you can download the tracks using them legally. And when you see the names of these websites, you’ll become sure that it’s legal by yourself.


It may be a surprising fact for you, but this giant of e-commerce offers some free deals when we talk about the music. But finding them is not that simple – you should find a button ‘Free songs from artists to watch’ under the ‘Deals’ sign. By clicking it, you see the list of the songs that are provided for free.

The only thing you should mind is that these tracks are made by some less-known artists; that’s why they are free. But still, you can get some interesting stuff there.

Free Music Archive

The name of this website speaks for itself. It is designed to provide the users with a free music from the young and less-known artists for free. In reward, they get the popularity and fans from those, who are seeking for something free.

Using this project, you have also an opportunity to get some new names in the music world, which were unknown before.