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The Best Classical Music For Fall Time – Part One

It’s the most seductive point of the fall season: leaves are just starting to change, the pumpkin spice lattes and Octoberfest beers are coming out, and the days are crisp and bright without being actually chilly. “This is my favorite season!” everyone seems to be saying.

The weather will get a little more extreme soon enough, but while we’re at this rosy moment, let’s seize the inspiration to load up a playlist with autumn-appropriate classical music. Here are a few ideas.

Antonio Vivaldi, L’autunno violin concerto from The Four Seasons

The quintessential fall composition, this music became familiar to me at a young age because my parents loved Alan Alda’s 1981 film The Four Seasons, which was soundtracked with Vivaldi’s music. In the film, this Baroque concerto plays while the characters hang out on a picturesque college campus that’s depicted as being in New England — but which, I’ve just now discovered, was actually in Georgia! Clearly the northern half of the U.S. does not have a monopoly on autumn splendor.

Joseph Haydn, Autumn section of The Seasons

The second most-famous season-themed piece of classical music, this oratorio celebrates autumn on a somewhat grander scale than Vivaldi’s concerto. While the spring and summer sections are mostly about the wonders of nature, autumn and winter celebrate the things that people do during those seasons—like harvesting, hunting, canoodling, and of course boozing (“joyful, joyful, the liquor flows”).


Time To Switch To Relaxing Music

Fall is here and that undoubtedly affects the mood of people, with all those beautiful and breathtaking autumn colors become so irresistible that the only emotions left within people are often feelings of serenity and peace. But, if you’re living in an urban area, you job, school or other obligations probably couldn’t care less that you’re feeling particularly drowsy and calm at the moment, and you’re expected to continue performing your duties. So, what are you to do?

Well, you obviously need to find something to motivate yourself. Okay, will it be food? Sure, but too much coffee and sugar aren’t healthy, so if you opt for these, you should only use them as short-term solution. What else is there? Working out? Excellent! Exercising is beneficial and very good for the overall state of the organism, but there is also a problem here – it can be time-consuming and inconvenient to work out constantly. So, what are your other options? Well, how about music?

Music is a great way to motivate yourself, and since it’s fall, you’d be wise to change up your playlist to incorporate some calmer tones and chords, just to break up all that rock and roll you normally listen to. Perhaps some Vivaldi, Mozart, and other classical greats are just what the doctor ordered? Once you choose what you feel like listening next, you’re going to be faced with yet another predicament: where are you supposed to find all that great music and with the perfect sound quality? Easy – just browse through and you’ll find tons of articles that deal with the know-how of where to find the best, free, hi-quality tracks and all that in no time!

Remember – all those awesome tracks aren’t going to come to you on their own; you have to go out and get them. And where you want to go (trust us on that). You can thank us later!

Microsoft Store

When it comes to music download, possibilities are almost endless. Here, on, you can find several articles regarding user experience with Apple’s iStore and Google Play Store. Besides these two stores, another very popular one is Microsoft Store (online version).

The Microsoft Store is a chain of retail stores and an online shopping site, owned and operated by Microsoft and dealing in computers, computer software and consumer electronics. If you have a smart phone with a Windows operating system, then you must be familiar with the Microsoft Store concept. Besides numerous games, images, applications, you can also download music (or apps that will help you download music). This will make your life simpler because you won’t have to download music to your computer and then transfer it to your phone – it will be available on your smart phone immediately.

Is Free Download Illegal?

Copyright infringement is a very serious thing you should be aware of. In an era when tons of different content (music, films, books, games etc.) are being downloaded from the internet, you should be careful not to violate someone’s rights. Copyright infringement draws serious consequences, so you have to learn to recognize protected content. It’s is believed that paying for a download is okay, while everything you download free is violating copyrights. Is this really true?

The answer is – absolutely not. Some artists and content owners choose to place their content for free, while others choose to place it – and charge a certain amount of money. Also, some people choose to place their content for free and allow listening to their tracks, watching their videos, pictures online, but they forbid downloading. So, the “free part” of online content can be divided into two groups – those who allow downloading and those who don’t. You should pay attention not to those who allow you to see and hear the content, but those who do not allow download. There is usually a sentence under the title of the song that says under which license it’s placed.

How To Choose Headphones?

So, you’ve downloaded a bunch of new and cool songs and you’re ready to start listening to them. If you’re on the road, normally you would need one extra “detail” – a good pair of headphones. Bad quality headphones can ruin the overall experience and can even cause the loss of hearing at some extreme situations. In order to help you choose the perfect type and pair of headphones for you, we bring you some few and simple tips that can help you in the decision making process.


Earbuds and similar in-ear headphones are something that will first come up to your mind. You’re definitely familiar with these (every mobile phone or player has ones included in the package). Earbuds are cool and super portable, you won’t need much space in the bag or pocket for them. They offer good noise isolation, which is a good thing if you’re traveling by a bus or a plane. But, they can’t provide the same high quality as some other, “bigger” pieces of headphones. And many of those cheaper earbuds are prone to falling out of your ears.

Ear pad headphones

These headphones are usually small pads that go over your ears, but don’t cover them entirely. This means that you will not have the perfect noise isolation and you will have “leaks” both ways, meaning that you will be able to hear something from the outside, and the outside world will be able to hear some of your music. But, despite this, this type of headphones is one of the most comfortable models available on the market. Also, they are very convenient for those who practice a lot.

Full size headphones

As the name says, full size headphones come with ear cups that surround your ears completely. They tend to be very large and not so grateful for transport. That’s why they are ideal for home use. Great bass response, sound clarity and isolation from outside noise is what you can expect from this type of headphones.