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Download Music With These Free Android Apps

Most of us love listening to music, singing along and dancing to the beat. Nowadays, technology makes music more fun and easily accessible as smartphones replace MP3 players and many other portable music devices. Downloading songs from the Internet directly to your phone has never been easier, and the following are some of the best free apps that can help your smartphone music library grow.

4Shared Music

The widely familiar online file sharing service has its own MP3 downloader app. A dedicated music file search app, 4Shared Music easily filters MP3 files out of millions of songs in its database and lets you download your desired track directly to you smartphone, all within a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on your connection speed.

Music Maniac – MP3 Downloader

A highly rated free music downloader available on the Android market, the Music Maniac app for Android will allow you to search and download millions of free tracks in a variety of formats from public search engines. Fairly simple, but it gets the job done.

GTunes Music

The GTunes Music app for Android utilizes a very simple interface for the purpose of providing the user with an easy and instant result of having any track they want on their smartphone within seconds. In addition to downloading music, this app also enables its users to play music online, legally and absolutely free, mostly from public domains such as,, and so on.

Spotify Review

There are plenty of websites that allow you to listen and/or download music. Spotify is one of them. Basically, Spotify is a commercial music streaming service that provides digital rights management-restricted content from record labels (including Sony, Universal, EMI and Warner Music Group).

You can search the music by artist, album, genre, playlist or record label. The thing is that “regular” users can only listen to music while “premium” ones can download it (after they pay a premium subscription fee).

Spotify is a music library with more than 20 million songs. Users can also create numerous playlists and edit them with other users, if they want to. A useful feature here is the fact that Spotify is able to remove duplicates from the playlist you and other users created.

If you’re familiar with, then you probably know that Spotify does not automatically create preference-based playlists like, but it integrates with this site. This integration allows Spotify users to send songs from Spotify to their account and “scrobble” them. Scrobbling allows Spotify to learn which songs or artist users listen to the most.

Also, another useful feature of Spotify is the radio. A radio feature is available for both regular (free) and premium accounts. The radio creates a random playlist of songs based on specified genres and decades.

WonTube – Watch And Download Videos And MP3 Files

It’s hard to imagine that there is something better than direct music download from a website. But, what if someone told you there’s a website where you can listen to music, watch videos and download them or MP3 files and all of that for free? Would you believe them? Probably not, but this kind of websites is a relatively new invention and they already have lots of frequent visitors. is one of them.


A very diverse list of songs can be found here. Besides pop, R&B, rock, here you can also find music under jazz, country, electronic, rap, blues or alternative genre. Christian & Gospel music also has its section on this site. Visiting this site on a daily basis can also help you to stay in touch with the latest premieres of world famous singers.


As aforementioned, this website offers a variety of services you can use for free. The basic service is watching videos; all you have to do is type the name of the song and the video will appear immediately. From here, you can download that video – all you have to do is click the “download” button next to the video. If you want to download an MP3 file, on the left side you’ll notice the “Download MP3” section from where you can download all your favorite songs.

iTunes Review

Did you know that the iTunes music store has more music titles and genres than any other music service? iTunes has more than 80% market share in the digital industry. So, what are the good and bad things about iTunes?

First of all, a big problem with iTunes was the fact that downloaded music could only be played on Apple products. And then people from Apple saw an opportunity and removed the digital rights that were previously embedded in iTunes songs, allowing millions of people to download their music and play it on any music player.

Most songs still cost $0.99, but soon this will change. It’s expected that new prices will also be $0.69 and $1.29. So-called “song upgrading” is possible even if you’ve already bought the song – just pay the difference to the full price.

The best thing about iTunes is that almost every song can be found there – more than 8 million songs are available every minute, and the number is increasing day by day. Also, besides music, iTunes offers additional content such as movies, TV, audiobooks and even apps.

Frost Wire Download Software

If using numerous websites for music download seems too complicated or unsafe, you can try some free download software that are widely available on the internet. One that particularly stands out is Frost Wire. It is available for almost all platforms – you can download it regardless of what operating system you have (there is a version of Frost Wire for Windows, Mac OSX and Ubuntu as well). Also, if you have RPM or TARBALL, you can still use Frost Wire for downloading music. No need to point out that there is also an application for Android, and you can simply download it from the Google Play Store.

In-App search

How does Frost Wire work? All you have to do is type your keyword in the search bar, and Frost Wire will automatically connect to many different torrent search engines and websites to find the file you’re looking for. And all of the search results are displayed in the same place.

Fast and easy download

With this software, your favorite songs are just a click away. There are no complicated procedures you need to carry out before you can download what you want. There is a button next to the song’s name – click on it and the song will start downloading immediately.

Media player and library

Frost Wire also allows you to easily access, browse and play all your media in one place. There is even a gesture-based audio player incorporated in the application for Android smartphones.


Whether you want to share the files to your phone, computer or friends, the process is the same – you can share them over local wi-fi or you can even create a torrent and share your music with the entire world!