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7 Small tips that you should know about Apple Music (Part 2)

4.Get new recommendations

The more music you add to your playlists, the better recommendations you will get by Apple Music. They will be constantly improved, meeting your preferences all the time.

Apple also provided you with a ‘Like’ button, giving you an opportunity to share your music tastes with a system. Even if you don’t like some of the tracks, offered to you, you can notify your smartphone about this.

5.Use manual settings to show what you like

If Apple Music picked the wrong recommendations for you (as you think), you still have a second chance to correct anything. Just choose artists and tracks you like manually, in order to inform the system about your preferences.

6.Playlists personalization available

Naming your playlists is boring, according to Apple. The next step is getting an individual icon for each of them. You can get a picture or a photo for any playlists you have. This will tell you more about the group of songs, than just a name.

7.Music in loud spaces mode

Apple offered its solution of the great problem of listening to the music in loud spaces. For example, you should change the volume of sound each time when you get from the noisy environment to the quite one. Instead of doing this, you can simply activate the ‘Late Night’ option that makes your iPhone compress the range of an audio output automatically.

How to master Apple Music? (Part 2)

We continue writing tips about how to master Apple Music if you are a music fan. And in this chapter, we’d like to tell you about more interesting tools, provided by this service.

Follow and unfollow your favourite artists

Apple tries to make its own social network, based on the music interests of its users. And its called Connect. The name speaks for itself: you can connect to (follow) your favourite artists, in order to receive their latest new tracks and songs. It will be the fastest way to get what you like with the help of Apple device.

From the other hand, the mechanism of unfollowing exists. It allows stop subscription for any artist.

Download with mobile internet connection

This feature may seem strange for some users, but it is still offered by Apple. You don’t need to search for WiFi all the time! If you have enough mobile data, you can download some songs with your cellular connection easily. All you need is turning the appropriate setting on, in order to allow your mobile waste some Mbytes!

Use the ‘For You’ tab

Apple Music has a strong tool for providing you with a new content. It is placed to the ‘For You’ tab. All the new tracks that you may like will be presented there. Just grab what you like, listen to and buy!

Use AM on your desktop

There is no need to use your iPhone or iPad for listening to the music all the time! You can setup the application to your Mac or Windows as well. It allows you playing your favourite things even from your PC  desktop!

How to master Apple Music? (Part 1)

Apple Music is a nice tool for searching really great songs that you’ll like. But mastering it requires some time and efforts too. In this article, we’d like to show you the main tips how to do it.

1.Tell Apple Music what you like

The service is designed in such way that you should provide it with your musical interests first. Then it picks the similar artists that you will definitely like.

Choosing your favourite artists is simple: you get the field with different genres of music and pick the ones that you are interested in.

2.Let it see your stored compositions

Apple Music may also make a conclusion about your music interests, using the locally stored tracks in your iTunes. It’s simple: the application synchronizes with iTunes and checks what you like. It is a great strategy for making your iPhone or iPad guess what you’ll like.

3.Add tracks and artists by yourself

When you see some interesting track, artist or album that you’d like to add your music library, you should do it by simple pressing ‘Add to My Music’ button. It will allow Apple Music finding more relevant stuff for you to listen.

4.Download music for listening in the offline mode

Another great option that is available to you is listening to your favourite tracks in the offline mode. Just make sure that you have a strong WiFi connection and press the ‘Make Available Offline’ button. It will automatically load the tracks to your library.

Top 7 Music downloader apps for Android (Part 2)


As it says, this application makes your runs great! It is designed for runners, joggers and other people who enjoy exercising. Its function is caching the tracks and playing them in the offline mode. The benefit of using this app is that you can pick some energized tracks that make you more active as well!

5.GTunes Music Download

This app was renamed not so recently; that’s why you may know it as a ‘Simple MP3 Downloader’. It’s an application to make your downloads more convenient and simpler. It also provides you with a set of tools for making ringtones from your favourite tracks; for cutting them and timing when you need it. It is also designed as a built-in music player to listen to the music from other websites.


Do you love Indian music? Or, maybe, you would like to listen to some hot tracks, loved by your friends from Facebook? Gaana is a universal music player, which allows searching for different types of music, according to your interests. It has an informative home screen with all the necessary information about the popular tracks. You can use it as a source of cool tracks on a daily basis.

7.MP3 Music Download

The last application in our rating has quite simple, but informative name. It is used for downloading the music to your Android device with minimum efforts. It has its own catalogue of songs, offered by a Softmedia company. Use different filters to find the best tracks for yourself and download them directly!

Top 7 Music downloader apps for Android (Part 1)

If you have Android, you shouldn’t worry about the music on your device. In this article we’d like to present you the rating of 20 best music downloaders for mobile or a table, using Android OS. So, here they are!


It’s probably the most famous project in the music world. All of the modern songs that are popular today are available for you with their app. It also has a lot of other features, like an option for sharing the tracks with your friends, for publishing your own content, etc. It works as a social media, but is much better!

2.4Shared Music

This application is designed for much more serious music lovers, than the previous ones, mentioned above. It has got a lot of different filters to search the right track and download it. The user has also an opportunity to create his own playlist and enjoys listening to the music both online and offline. The service provides 15Gb for music downloading for free.

3.Music Download Paradise

The name of this app speaks for itself! It provides a user with all the needed tools for searching for the right composition. Sort tracks by artist, title, or album – all of these options are available for your Android for free! MDP has the highest ratings due to the love of millions of users. It is available in your Google Play, just like all other applications that we were talking about.