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Tips And Techniques For The Best Music Downloads

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The Ins And Outs Of Downloading Music

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Simple Steps To Help You Better Understand Music Downloads

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3 Different Ways To Download Music

With more options becoming available all the time, downloading your favorite songs has never been easier. Here, we will go over 3 different ways to download music to build your ultimate playlist.

Getting Music From YouTube

This is one of the easiest ways to download your favorite songs. The process is simple; you copy and paste the URL of the video you want into the text box and hit convert video to save it as an MP3. The quality is not always the best and any empty spaces will also be downloaded, so this may not be the most popular option.

Download Music Directly

There are many online communities for music enthusiasts where people share albums for free and can be directly downloaded. By using hosting sites such as Mediafire and Mega, a user will compress an entire album to a file and then post an address that can be clicked on to download the file. You need to be careful however, as you can also easily download a virus or a mislabeled album. Make sure your antivirus program is always on if you go this route.

Get Music From Torrent

Downloading music through torrenting is one of the most popular ways to get music now days. You will first need to download a program that can read torrent files. There are many sites where you can find music torrents, you simply search the web and find one that offers the type of music you are looking for.

7 Small tips that you should know about Apple Music (Part 2)

4.Get new recommendations

The more music you add to your playlists, the better recommendations you will get by Apple Music. They will be constantly improved, meeting your preferences all the time.

Apple also provided you with a ‘Like’ button, giving you an opportunity to share your music tastes with a system. Even if you don’t like some of the tracks, offered to you, you can notify your smartphone about this.

5.Use manual settings to show what you like

If Apple Music picked the wrong recommendations for you (as you think), you still have a second chance to correct anything. Just choose artists and tracks you like manually, in order to inform the system about your preferences.

6.Playlists personalization available

Naming your playlists is boring, according to Apple. The next step is getting an individual icon for each of them. You can get a picture or a photo for any playlists you have. This will tell you more about the group of songs, than just a name.

7.Music in loud spaces mode

Apple offered its solution of the great problem of listening to the music in loud spaces. For example, you should change the volume of sound each time when you get from the noisy environment to the quite one. Instead of doing this, you can simply activate the ‘Late Night’ option that makes your iPhone compress the range of an audio output automatically.

7 Small tips that you should know about Apple Music (Part 1)

Apple launched its refreshed version of Apple Music for iOS10. It has got a new attractive design, as well as some new features that make it more convenient to be used. Here are some of the tips that will help you use your Apple Music with fun.

1.Listen to all Beats 1 playlists whenever you want

Apple allowed its users to listen to the shows of the 24h live station Beats 1 when they want it. All the shows, including the most popular hits, are available off the air. The user has just to tap ‘Radio’, then choose ‘All Beats 1 Shows’. After this, all the missed episodes will be available.

2.A song in the morning

Many people prefer listening to the songs instead of hearing the annoying alarm sound. Apple Music gives such an opportunity as well. You just need to enter the Settings, open ‘Clock’ and choose ‘Alarm’, in order to pick the song that you’d like to be played. Don’t forget to add the songs from Apple Music catalogue to ‘My Music’.

3.Siri becomes your personal DJ

Another great benefit from using new Apple Music is an opportunity to get Siri as your personal DJ. It can analyse your songs and suggest the new playlist of the tracks that will potentially be liked by you.

The opportunities are even wider because Siri can play any song from any TV show or any album you like. Just ask her about it.

5 Google Play Music tricks and tips (Part 2)

In the previous article, we stopped talking about the limit of connected devices to your Google Play Music. We go on.

This limit doesn’t allow you sharing the access to your music with your friends and family. So, if you buy a new smartphone or tablet, you’d better watch the number of your activated mobile devices.

4.Saving for offline listening

One of the most useful features that a smartphone music player can have is an opportunity to save your tracks and playlists for listening to them offline. If you are having a trip and there is no good Wi-Fi connection around, this feature is perfect.

Downloading a track or a list of songs is simple. Just touch the three dots in the right upper corner of the screen and choose the ‘Download’ option. This function is also able to save the name of the song and its artists if the downloading is unavailable at the moment. In such way, your mobile phone makes sure that you don’t forget anything. Especially if you hear a great song on the radio.

5.Filtering the music

When listening to radio, you may hear many tracks for adults, containing inappropriate lyrics for kids. If you don’t want to listen to them, you can turn on the ‘Block explicit songs on radio’ function. It allows filtering all the ‘bad’ songs, as well as plays some censored versions of tracks with a white noise, where it’s needed.

5 Google Play Music tricks and tips (Part 1)

Despite Google Play Music being less popular than Spotify or iTunes, it’s still a great platform for listening to your favourite songs via your smartphone. That’s why we offer you this simple instruction with tricks and tips that you probably haven’t yet heard of.

1.Importing from iTunes (and other platforms)

The main benefit of this player is its ability to be used on any device, whether it’s an Android or an iOS smartphone. Any of these devices may also contain tracks that you’d like to import into Google Play Music. For doing this, you should simply drag and drop the favourite song. The same thing relates to the Chrome browser, which allows opening a special window with all the playable music listed.

You shouldn’t care of capability of this player – it may store up to 50 thousand tracks!

2.Importing the whole playlists

OK, we’ve seen the opportunity to import songs. But Google Play Music goes beyond that! It allows importing the whole playlists! Even those, listed in your iTunes.

All you need is downloading a Music Manager – a software for operating your music tracks, developed by Google.

Open the Google Music Manager and select ‘Choose by playlist’ (located on the ‘Upload’ tab).

3.Watch your device limit

As it was said before, Google Play Music application allows playing your favourite tracks at several devices simultaneously (up to 10). But the trick is that you can’t deactivate more than 4 of them in a year.